Medical Swahili A1

A good preparation for internship or work

With the course Medical Swahili A1 you are well prepared for an internship or work in the medical field in East Africa. You do not need to have any prior knowledge of Swahili for enrolling in this course. We cover the basic topics like greetings, introducing yourself, body parts, the past en futur tenses and practice speaking with patients. Grammar, conversation skills and cultural information alternate in these lessons, because they are inextricably linked. The lessons last one and a half hours, of which about 30 minutes are devoted to conversational skills.

Students who complete the course Medical Swahili A1 will be able to conduct simple conversations, such as taking medical history, simple hospital discharge, and doing their own shopping.

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion. Some conversational skills will be necessary to obtain this certificate.

At this moment we offer this course only online. We believe having good quality lessons is important, especially when learning a new language. So our online groups are very small with a maximum 4 students. We also have adapted our lesson materials to this teaching medium.

The costs for this group course are €220,- Different rates apply for private or duo lessons. This includes lesson materials.

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Basis cursus Swahili A1↗

In 10 lessen krijgt u de basis van het Swahili uitgelegd. Aan het einde van de cursus zult u in staat zijn om eenvoudige gesprekken te voeren

Medisch Swahili A1 ↗

Met de cursus Medisch Swahili A1 ben je goed voorbereid op stage of werk in het Medische vakgebied.

Vervolgcursus A2

Onderwerpen die hier onder andere ter sprake komen zijn: het weer, de kleine koppelwoordjes, safari, verhalende wijs en onderwerpen behorende bij het eigen reis doel.

Intermediair B1

Tijd om het tempo op te voeren. Tijdens de B1 lessen gaan we zeer veel in op gespreksvaardigheden.

Privé lessen

Bij priveles is het programma volledig afhankelijk van uw eigen wensen. Zowel de intensiteit als de onderwerpen kunt u, samen met uw docent plannen. 

English Courses

Also for non-Dutch speakers it is possible to learn Swahili.